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Video Contest


UnaVerSoul Vibes

Step 1.

Go Follow @bigmikemicwhoa  & @unaversoulking  on instagram.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Locate Whoa Trivia question sheet (down below) Desktop (to the right) & watch Killa Flow video below,answer trivia questions.

Step 3.

Tune in on @bigmikemicwhoa Instagram Live Tuesday July 30 at 8pm with your answer sheet for a chance to win 100.00 cash (cash app) /paypal) prize!!!

  • 1.What word is on the left hand of Mike Mic when he wakes up?

  • 2.What Hip Hop Artist  melody is used in the background singing in the video?

  • 3.What colleges are represented in the video?

  • 4.Which R and B Plaque do you see 1st in the Video?

  • 5.What Pop singer is on Mike Mic shirt? And 3 of their songs.

W.H.O.A. Trivia Questions

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